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Legendairy Milk

Legendairy Milk Silicone Breast Shield Inserts - Set of 2

Legendairy Milk Silicone Breast Shield Inserts - Set of 2

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COMPATIBILITY: Legendairy Milk Inserts are compatible with both the Silicone Collection Cups and most traditional 24/25 mm plastic breast shields aka flanges.

TIP: The insert is very soft and pliable — when inserting it into a hard plastic shield, applying a dab of pumping spray or coconut oil to the hard plastic shield may help the insert slide in more easily.

INCLUDES: Pack of two (2) Legendairy Milk Inserts based on the selected size.


  • Sterilize before first use by submerging the inserts in a deep and wide pot of boiling water for 3-5 minutes. The inserts should be fully submerged in water and not touch the bottom or sides of the pot. Do not sterilize and avoid using high heat after initial sterilization.
  • Hand wash in warm soapy water then rinse clean after subsequent uses. Using cold sterilization or UV sterilization is also permissible.
  • Do not wash inserts in the dishwasher.
  • Replace every 3 weeks, depending on the frequency of use.

Disclaimer: Please ensure that you have been appropriately sized by a lactation professional or have used a nipple ruler to determine your correct fit.

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